Key speakers

What to expect from the forum?

During the forum, there will be an opportunity to hear both international and local professionals about the potential of digitization and its implementation, as well as the importance and value of innovations in business development.

The main difference between the forum and the conference: there is more space for public discussion and debate on the topic, so we are going to ask the audience as much as possible because they are important to us!


Henrik von Scheel
Keynote: Industry 4.0: Future transformation, 
Henrik von Scheel, Originator of the Industry 4.0 |
Leading authority on strategy & competitiveness, CH


Inese Vaidere
Single Market perspectives,
Prof. Dr. oec. Inese Vaidere, Latvian Member of the European Parliament

Veiko Huuse,
Bringing Blockchain Into Industry 4.0,  
Arcallia CMO, Eesty Coin CEO, EE

Frank Soudan
Frank Soudan, Head of Industry 4.0&SAP
Leonardo CoE EMEA North, ES


Māris Daija
Industry 4.0 and Human,
Māris Daija, Business Development Manager at Robert Bosch, LV


Vytautas Braziunas,
Cyber Security in the Manufacturing Industry: New challenges in the information age,
Phoenix Contact UAB, Managing Director, LT


Gatis Silovs
Support for digitization and innovations,
Gatis Silovs, Ministry of Economics of Latvia


Aiga Irmeja
Latvian IT Cluster,
Executive Director, LV

Ēriks Eglītis
State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics of Latvia


Dr. Carsten Polenz
Industry 4.0 and German activities.
Connected manufacturing from the SAP perspective.

Dr. Carsten Polenz, Representative of the German Platform Industrie 4.0.,
Vice President Product & Innovations, SAP, DE

Armel Méjane,
Partner Manager at Bosch Software Innovations

Last update:    11-02-2019