The “Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2020” contest has been announced


The Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the “Būvinženieris” magazine announce a contest “Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2020”. The contest within the informative campaign “Live warmer” has been taking place for the ninth year.


The purpose of the contest is to promote good practices in energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings by implementing the construction, renovation and reconstruction of energy-efficient buildings, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and promoting public awareness of well-being, heat retention of buildings, microclimate of premises, as well as the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the possibilities of creating a qualitative and architectonically expressive living space.


Antra Ērgle, chairwoman of the contest jury, chief editor of the Latvian Building Engineers Union’s magazine ”Būvinženieris”: “Creating energy-neutral buildings and renovating previously built houses for another modern life cycle is no longer just care for the amenities and material benefits. If we want to extend the term of existence of humanity on Earth, we must all drastically reduce our “eco footprint”. Energy-efficient housing, office, manufacturing and public buildings are one of the most important ways of achieving the global target. I am very pleased that what has been done in Latvia can serve as a model for other European countries, so let us continue to distinguish the best creators of buildings.


Applications for the contest may be submitted in five categories:

  • The most energy-efficient renovated multi-apartment building;
  • The most energy-efficient multi-apartment building – new building;
  • The most energy-efficient public building;
  • The most energy-efficient single-family building;
  • The most energy-efficient industrial building.


Please submit applications for the contest “Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2020” by 16 June 2020 by sending them electronically to


The regulations of the contest “Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia 2020” are published on the website of the contest

Last update:    25-05-2020