The Ministry of Economics invites the merchants to enter into an agreement for improvement of energy efficiency


The Ministry of Economics invites merchants, organizations representing them and municipalities to enter into voluntary agreements on improving the energy efficiency. The purpose of the agreement is to establish long-term cooperation between the Ministry, entrepreneurs and local governments in order to promote energy efficiency and facilitate exchange of experience. The agreement provides for improvement of energy efficiency in certain enterprises, enterprises that are members of organizations representing merchants or municipalities, which results in savings in a certain amount of energy.

Efficient use of energy helps increase the overall competitiveness of each individual enterprise as well as the economy of the country in general, as it is an opportunity to reduce energy costs and create resistance towards the risks of rising prices.

In order to start the negotiations and prepare this voluntary agreement we invite to fill in and send to the Ministry of Economics this statement of interest using the official address of the Ministry of Economics:

The agreement shall be concluded for a period of not less than five years and its basic condition is an action plan aimed at achieving energy savings of at least 10%. The content of the agreement shall be created individually in the course of negotiations with each applicant separately.

The possibility of concluding an agreement is provided for by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.669 of October 11, 2016 “The Procedure for Conclusion and Monitoring of a Voluntary Agreement on Improvement of Energy Efficiency”.

Currently, two enterprises have entered into the voluntary agreements on energy efficiency with the state — SIA Salaspils Siltums (LLC) and SIA Jūrmalas Siltums (LLC) Upon conclusion of the agreement, enterprises will participate in the development of energy policy approved in Latvia and will provide measurable contribution to the country's energy efficiency goals.

Last update:    01-02-2019