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Main session – Room A

9:00 – 9:30

Registration, Coffee & Snacks

9:30 – 9:40

Conference Opening

Moderator: Oskars Priede

9:40 – 9:50


Arvils Ašeradens, Minister for Economics of the Republic of Latvia and the Deputy Prime Minister

9:50 – 10:30

Clusters as instrument to promote competitiveness of the region

Dr. Christian Ketels, member of the Harvard Business School faculty at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm School of Economics; President of TCI, and co-editor of the Competitiveness Review

10:30 – 10:50

Promotion of SME’s competitiveness: Policy perspective

Gatis Silovs, director of Sectoral Policy Department; Ministry of Economics

10:50 – 11:20

Innovation and competitiveness

Lotte Tisenkopfa–Iltnere, product creator, the founder of JSC. Madara Cosmetics

11:20 – 11:40

Coffee & Snacks

11:40 – 12:10

Internationalization for competitiveness of SME’s – BSR Stars Innovation Express experience

Dr. Kaspar Nielsen, Internationalisation Manager at Cluster Excellence Denmark


Panel discussion


Participants: Dr. Christian Ketels; Kaspar Nielsen; Lotte Tīsenkopfa-Iltnere; Gatis Silovs

12:50 – 13:50


Parallel sessions


Clusters session 


Competence centers session


13:50 – 14:00

Introduction to the INTERnationalisation session

Moderator: O. Priede

Introduction to the INNOvation session

Moderator: J. Steinbergs

14:00 – 14:20

Cluster as a tool to enter challenging markets

Evija Pudāne, Manager of CLEANTECH LATVIA cluster


Smart Materials and Technologies Competence Centre:

A. Lukašenoks Ltd. “PRIMEKSS”

I.Vanaga Ltd. “SilvExpo”

14:20 – 14:40

International activities of Lublin Medicine Cluster

Ms Iwona Urban, Lublin Medicine Cluster

Pharmacy, Biomedicine and Medical Technology Competence Centre

V. Liepiņš Ltd “Silvanols”

U. Iltners JSC. “Madara Cosmetics”

14:40 – 15:00

Building cluster image in national and international level

Aiga Irmeja, Manager of Latvian IT cluster

Information and communication technology Competence Centre

R. Skaidiņš Ltd. “Tilde”

N. Dorbe Ltd. “SQUALIO cloud consulting

15:00 – 15:20

International Networking: Eastern European FOOD network

Armands Lejas-Krūmiņš, Manager of Food Products Quality Cluster of Latvia

Smart Engineering, Transport and Energy Competence Centre

J. Vilmanis Ltd. “UAVFACTORY”

J. Eriņa Ltd. “RTU Energy”

15:20 – 15:40

Coffee & Snacks

15:40 – 16:00

Transnational cluster platform

Tamás Dékán, Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster

Electric and Optical Industry Competence Centre

K. Osmanis JSC “HansaMatrix”

D. Krūze Ltd. “Aerones”

16:00 – 16:20


Internationalisation challenges for newcomers: Young regional and ambitious

Salvis Roga, Green-Tech Cluster of Latvia


Mechanical Engineering Competence Centre

R. Dolhi Ltd. “Peruza”’;

E. Sniedze Ltd. “FORTA MEDICAL”

16:20 – 16:40

Panel discussions

E. Pudāne, I.Urban, A. Irmeja, T. Dékán, S. Roga

Latvian Food Sector Competence Centre

A.Krauklis Ltd “Kronis”

E. Ence Ltd. “Milzu”

16:40 – 17:00

Forestry Competence Centre

K. Stankus Ltd. “Latvijas Finieris”

K. Zīverts Ltd. “Marko Kea”, Ltd. “4 Plus”, Ltd. “Amber Wood”, Ltd. “Jaunzeltiņi”.

17:00 – 17:15

Sum up

Sum up


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