The 19th FICIL and Latvian government High Council Meeting


To facilitate top-level discussions on investment environment in Latvia executives of foreign investor companies and representatives from the Latvian government have been meeting regularly since 1999. The 19th Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia High Council meeting with the Government of Latvia will take place this year on 25th September.

The parties will discuss success in implementing recommendations delivered by FICIL last year as well as potential areas where Latvian government could make further changes to ensure continuous development of favourable business environment.


FICIL is expected to be proposing a strong focus on internal reform agenda for Latvia with the goal of fostering growth levels that would further prepare Latvia’s economy for convergence with the OECD economies in a near future. This idea is embodied in this years’ High Council theme “Return to Reform Agenda”. Specifically, this year FICIL will address the importance of more sustainable macroeconomic policies, effective and reliable law enforcement system, labour force, education and health care systems and secure business environment.


Additionally, during the meeting, FICIL will also introduce the FICIL Sentiment Index that reflects key concerns and suggestions expressed by its members.


For more information on foreign investment trends and the potential Latvia can offer for successful business operations, please see the infographics below.  Additionally, more information on FICIL can be found here.

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Last update:    23-09-2015