In the 10 months of this year, state aid was cancelled for 16 MPC power plants, allowing the state to save around 24 million EUR


In the 10 months of 2019 (January-October), mandatory electricity procurement rights have been cancelled for 16 power plants, which has allowed to prevent potential increase in total costs of MPC over the next 10 years by around 24 million EUR. 


Similarly, in the 10 months of this year, a total of 176 warnings have been issued to power plants; 22 power plants have been subjected to overcompensation assessments and 8 decisions have been taken regarding the elimination of overcompensation, as well as 58 decisions on the reduction of the minimum amount of electricity required for power plants have been taken.


As at November 2019, a contract with the Public Trader has been concluded and the right to sell generated electricity under mandatory procurement has been granted to 333 power plants (52 biogas, 42 biomass, 51 natural gas stations, 136 hydropower plants, 52 wind power plants) and the existing right to receive a guaranteed fee for the capacity installed in the power plant has been granted to 5 power plants (4 natural gas + 1 biomass cogeneration plant).

Last update:    28-01-2020