A Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Analysis of Productivity and Competitiveness has been signed


On August 30 2018, the Ministry of Economics, the University of Latvia (LU), and the Latvian Forum for Productivity, Efficiency, Development and Competitiveness (LV PEAK) signed a Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Analysis of Productivity and Competitiveness, in order to promote the link between the academic and scientific environment and the Ministry of Economics, as well as to ensure that the measures and reforms prepared by the Ministry shall be comprehensively discussed and based on balanced independent analysis. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economics Arvils Ašeradens: "In order to find the most effective solutions to raise our competitiveness and productivity globally, an independent, competent and scientifically sound review of government work is very necessary. Therefore, the proposal of LU and LV PEAK to strengthen cooperation with the Ministry of Economics in the field of analysis has come at the right time. I hope that our cooperation will be successful and will help the public administration find the right solutions for promoting productivity and competitiveness.”

The declaration states that the signatory institutions undertake to cooperate in the area of analysis of productivity and competitiveness.

LV PEAK undertakes to organize a conference on productivity issues once a year and to prepare a productivity report and recommendations for policy making across the national economy and sectors.

LU undertakes to ensure, to the extent possible, studies on the topics of interest for the Ministry related to productivity and competitiveness in the of bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral theses, as well as publications of the academic staff.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economics undertakes to submit to LU a list of recommended topics for the preparation of scientific works and publications, as well as, as far as possible, to review these works and to encourage the funding of research work. The ministry also undertakes to invite the representatives of LV PEAK and LU to participate in working groups and seminars related to the preparation of a policy promoting productivity and competitiveness.

The signed declaration will be in force until 31 December 2020.  

Deklarācijas par sadarbību produktivitātes un konkurētspējas analīzes jomā parakstīšana. To parakstīja Ekonomikas ministrija, Latvijas Universitāte un Latvijas Produktivitātes, Efektivitātes, Attīstības un Konkurētspējas Forums 2018. gada 30. augustā.
Last update:    01-02-2019