SIMAP and TED (public procurement)

SIMAP is an access point to the most important information on public procurements in Europe. It includes the TED website as well as information on eNotices (on-line tool for preparing public procurement notices and publishing them) etc. For more, please visit the SIMAP website.


TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is a supplement to the Official Journal of the EU. It is free of charge and is updated five times a week with approximately 1500 notifications on state tenders in the European Union, European Economic Zone and other countries. You can view, search and sort notifications by state, region, sphere or other categories of the tender.

Information on each tender document, as well as all EU institution notifications are published in the 24 official languages of the EU.


Please click on the TED website to start your search.

Last update:    04-02-2016